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Reduce your refined sugar intake. Try to keep it under control by using such sugar replacers as maple syrup, stevia and agave nectar whenever possible (such as in coffee and tea) and indulging in the refined stuff only occasionally.


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This site is dedicated to the most delicious chocolate cake in the world, and believe it or not, this cake is entirely dairy free! Moist, rich and dark, indulge yourself with a piece of divine Vegan Chocolate Cake. Part of the beauty of a vegan chocolate cake recipe is its flexibility. The basic recipe can be adapted to suit your needs, whether as a batch of muffins, or cup cakes for the kids, or as a pudding with your favorite sweet vegan sauce. You may want to add extra ingredients to the mix to compliment that delicious chocolatey flavour, such as bananas, orange, raspberries, nuts etc. And if you want to avoid using frosting, why not try topping with fresh strawberries or pure fruit black cherry jam or try a coconut milk ice cream on the side. For a super easy, dairy free vegan chocolate cake recipe, this recipe really does take the non-dairy cake!

Why Make A Vegan Chocolate Cake?

Vegan chocolate cake is a delicious dairy free alternative to regular chocolate cake and much tastier in my opinion! More and more, people are looking for something new to prepare in the kitchen, and baking a vegan chocolate cake is a great chance to be creative as well as making something a little different from the usual standard cake fare. Vegan chocolate cake has an excellent chocolate flavor and is unbelievably moist and rich, and best of all, you could make it from start to finish in less than an hour. There are no complicated steps to prepare for this vegan chocolate cake, everything is mixed into the one bowl, so making a cake has never been easier! Once you have made it you might well wonder - is that all there is to it! Rest assured, its a recipe that is practically foolproof and the result tastes great! Moist and chocolatey and totally vegan.

Where Did Vegan Chocolate Cake Originate?

The origins of vegan chocolate cake probably dates as far back as World War II or the Great Depression. During these periods of food shortages and enforced food rationing, these recipes (also refered to as War cakes or Depression cakes) were used because the ingredients included little or no milk, sugar, butter or eggs because they were then either expensive or hard to get. In fact, during World War II, sever meat shortages throughout the world forced people to adopt a diet that was primarily vegetarian. And much to everyone’s surprise, diet related death rates diminished dramatically and there was a significant decrease in disease.

And that is the beauty of this recipe. It's not only economical, but most of the ingredients for vegan chocolate cake are commonly available and probably sitting in your kitchen pantry now! So what are you waiting for? If you need further convincing at how great this recipe is, read on! I have gathered the following information to show you that this is a win-win recipe.

So What Makes This Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe Different.

This recipe for vegan chocolate cake is everything you might want from a chocolate cake minus the dairy and egg ingredients. Eggs add flavor and richness to a cake, but more importantly, they bind the ingredients together and are responsible for much of the structure of the cake. As an alternative, you may want to use one of many vegan ingredients available as egg replacements such as cocoa butter, carob, vegetarian gelatine, arrowroot, locust bean gum, agar agar, soya flour, banana, potato flour, xantham gum or vegan egg replacer. This recipe, however, uses neither eggs nor egg replacer or egg substitute, so if you are lactose intolerant or have egg allergies, then this is the perfect cake recipe for you! And its a healthier way to have your cake and eat it too!

For those of you who need more information on vegan substitutes for animal products, here is a short list of key alternative vegan ingredients for your cake recipes:

This vegan chocolate cake recipe is not only egg-free and lactose-free, but can also be soy-free and nut-free if you choose, thereby accomodating a variety of allergies, intolerances and diets. So, if you need a fantastic vegan chocolate cake recipe for your kids' birthday party, or you want to ease into a change of lifestyle without giving up all of those treats we usually associate with dairy products, this would be one recipe I would keep close at hand. And remember to use organically grown ingredients to really enjoy the benefits of this quick and easy recipe!

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that cuts out the use of animals for food (including milk, eggs, honey etc.), clothing, or any other purpose. The most common reasons for becoming a vegan are for personal health, ethical commitment to animal rights, or spiritual or religious concerns. Vegans are particularly concerned with practices involved in animal testing and factory farming, and the intensive use of land and other resources for animal farming. It is widely acknowledged that animal agriculture is linked to climate change, land degradation, water pollution and a decline in biodiversity. Vegans however, it is claimed, consume far fewer resources and causes less environmental damage than an animal-based diet.

The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety! A vegan diet consists of vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, legumes, nuts and seeds. If properly planned, vegan diets are healthful and have been found to satisfy nutritional needs (for practically all diseases, vegetarians fare better than the general population). In brief, I have listed some benefits of a vegan diet:

Still need convincing at how good this recipe is? I think the proof is in the pudding (or cake in this instance), so dust off your cake pan and muffin trays! Your friends and family will be eternally grateful that you gave this fantastic recipe a go!